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Effective and Natural Anti Aging Techniques ...

February 5 2016 , Written by Ambika Sukumar

Effective and Natural Anti Aging Techniques ...

Aging is a natural process through which every individual passes. You cannot stop your age from increasing but what you can do is follow proper anti aging techniques and skin care regime so that your skin looks young and healthy. There many instances where premature aging starts due to stressful life style and unhealthy eating habits which makes the skin look old and wrinkly. It is thus always better to follow natural anti aging techniques to keep your skin healthy and glowing.


This villain is the single greatest cause of making you look bad as you age (and incidentally, age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, diminished mental performance, chronic fatigue, and loss of muscle).

The villain takes over your body when you are:

  • Eating sugar…
  • Exposed to environmental pollutants, chemicals and toxins…
  • Have a weakened immune system due to a compromised gut…
  • Excessively exposed to ultraviolet light…
  • Experience rapid hormonal changes such as loss of testosterone or surges in estrogen…
  • Stressed out and low on sleep…

nflammation can even affect your skin and gives you wrinkles. If you look a skin under a microscope, skin that shows no clinical signs of aging shows no inflammation. While the inflammatory events I described above are designed to help neutralize or inhibit potentially harmful microorganisms, the free radicals produced by the inflammation can also lead to the break down of collagen and the structure of your skin – resulting in fine lines, skin thinning, decreased quality of wound repair, and an increased susceptibility to skin wounds that fail to heal.

When these problems occurs due to chronic inflammation from internal factors, like an inflammatory diet, this type of skin aging is termed intrinsic aging ...

The scenario above could be created through eating too much sugar, too many high glycemic index carbohydrates, stress, lack of sleep, processed foods, chemical or toxin exposure, low protein intake, low fat intake, low vegetable intake, not drinking enough water and too much exercise.

Now that you know what causes aging, you probably have a hunch about why people are aging faster.

The primary reasons include:

  • Pollution
  • Processed foods
  • Low fat intake
  • Inadequate protein
  • Dehydration
  • High stress lifestyle
  • Lack of sleep

So what can you do about it? Here are my top 5 natural anti aging tips – with my goal to make these extremely practical and immediately implementable for you.

1) Use anti-inflammatory spices and use them regularly.

Spices are chock full of natural anti-inflammatory compounds. My two favorites are turmeric and cayenne. I like these two because you can put them on just about anything – and for me, that’s typically my lunchtime salad and any dinner that suits, including beef, chicken or fish. Buy them, put them on the counter, and if you just can’t stand the taste . 

2) Eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

This is one of the easiest ways to reverse the aging process in inflamed skin, and basically involves consuming 1) lots of brightly colored vegetables, such as red, orange and yellow peppers, kale, spinach, cabbage and broccoli; 2) lots of monunsaturated and omega-3 rich fats, such as fish and Fish oil , olive oil , walnuts and pumpkin seeds; and 3) avoiding sugars and refined carbohydrates such as wheat and grains. You can literally notice changes in your skin appearance after just a few days on an anti-inflammatory diet.

3) Supplement with 100-200mg per day of alpha-lipoic acid.

Alpha lipoic acid is one of the most powerful anti-aging, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories available. It is both fat- and water-soluble, which means that it works in both the fatty cell plasma membrane and the aqueous interior of the cell to protect DNA, inhibits activation of transcription factor NF-κB (thus reducing cellular inflammation), controls AP-1 (which helps to remodel collagen), and inhibits a major cause of wrinkled skin, glycosylation . 

4) Get adequate protein.

In the skin, collagen and elastin are the primary components of the dermis – the layer right beneath the epidermis – and they provide the support structure of your skin. You must consume adequate protein and be in a state of nitrogen balance in order to form proper amounts of collagen and elastin. This is as simple as having a couple whole eggs with breakfast, a side of chicken or sardines with lunch, a handful of almonds as a mid-afternoon snack, and a serving of beef with dinner.

5) Keep chemicals off your skin.

We really geek out on this stuff but these are some of the better body care products out there when it comes to minimal ingredients:

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