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How Homeopathy Helps increasing immunity in Kids

January 3 2017 , Written by Ambika

How Homeopathy Helps  increasing immunity in Kids

Homeopathy obviously fits into the class of therapeutic methods that augment the body's own defenses. The basis of homeopathy, called the principle of similars, suggests that a microdose of a substance will heal whatever pattern of symptoms this substances causes in large dose. This principle is also observed in the use of vaccinations and allergy treatments, though homeopathic medicines are both considerably smaller and safer in dose and more individualized to the person they are being used to treat.

Due to advances in science, we now have different methods of treatments to choose from; however every positive is inevitably followed by a negative. The negatives here being side effects that normal medication and antibiotics cause or can cause, especially in young children! This is where; Homeopathy steps in, saving the day for parents worried about the side effects of medicines.

Let’s get to know Homeopathy a little better!

Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine. Its unique approach to treatment follows the ‘Law of Similars’, first suggested by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796! The Law of Similars in lay man’s terms works on the ‘like begets like’ principle.

The substances used in Homeopathic treatment are natural, thereby eliminating the risk of toxic side effects, making it an ideal choice of treatment for children.

How can Homeopathy help my child?

Homeopathy is a child-friendly method of treatment as it follows the holistic way of healing wherein in concentrates more on the ‘curative power’ quality of its medicines. Summing it up  “Homeopathy isn’t so much a preventive but a curative form of treatment”.

And as most of its medicines and the substances used in the preparations of its medicines are natural, they are mostly ‘side effect free’ and can accurately target the disease or the infection, curing it very quickly! Since children are mostly affected with recurring conditions such as cough, cold, tonsils, infantile eczema, dysentery etc. Homeopathic treatment is used to boost their immune system; the use of homeopathy not only ensures a speedy cure but also curbs re-occurrence of the condition ailing the child. No wonder parents love Homeopathy!

Homeopathy can help your ‘little one’ in the following ways!

Fitness of your child:

Homeopathy follows the ‘Individualization’ method of treatment, where it seeks to cure the person rather than the disease. Homeopathy boosts your child’s immune system, making him or her stronger from the inside and more resistant to diseases on the outside. “Homeopathy seeks to strengthen and normalize the hypersensitivity of the patients immune system to certain changes in the environment”  explaining the workings of Homeopathy. Fitness of your child is based on how well your child can fend off diseases and infections, homeopathy by boosting his immune system ramps up his body’s defenses against disease causing viruses and bacteria!

Cold and Cough:

Cold and cough are two of the most recurrent conditions in young children, and if not treated or treated superficially can lead to complications later on. Homeopathy seeks to understand why your child is recurrently falling prey to these two common ailments, and after thorough understanding of his symptoms and triggers will treat him accordingly with various medicines or substances such as Belladonna, Baryta carbonica, Aconite napellus etc! These medicines work on the nervous and immune system of the child and cure him from within ensuring a quick and accurate treatment, ridding your child completely of the cold and cough causing virus.

Growth Pains:

Growth Pains  are a particularly painful phase for young growing children. As their body is experiencing rapid growth during this time (3-12 years) with bones developing, muscles and tendons stretching etc. it is natural for the children to experience pain in their joints and limbs. Other methods of treatment seek to treat the pain by administering anti-inflammatory medicines or pain killers putting the child at risk due to side effects. Homeopathy uses Calcarea phosphoricum to treat growth pains in children without any side effect, and eases the child’s pain too!

While the above three are just examples of the use of homeopathy for treating children, there are many other conditions for which homeopathy can be used to treat children.

Homeopathy is a great alternative method of treatment when it comes to your kids as it seeks to cure them from the inside, this combined with the no side effects promise of homeopathy make it an ideal and safe choice of treatment for your children

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