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Prenatal Classes Yoga Classes help Pregnant Woman during Delivery

January 10 2018 , Written by Ambika

  Prenatal Classes Yoga Classes help Pregnant Woman during Delivery


Dr. Aruna brings with her years of  experience in obstetrics, sensitive and patient approach to labouring patient with ongoing prenatal yoga sessions results in 90% normal vaginal deliveries even in previous caesarean patients.

Her expertise lies in minimally invasive gynaecological surgeries, High-risk pregnancies and vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) and Scarless Laproscopic Surgery.  Dr. Aruna  works with CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram where she is presently the Director and Senior Gynaecologist Surgeon. 

Prenatal yoga can keep you limber, improves balance and circulation and is the ideal way to stay fit during pregnancy.
Yoga for 1st trimester:-


  1. BUTTERFLY POSE: Sit comfortably with sole of feet together, clasp the feet with both hands, gently bounce knees up and down. It relieves tiredness from the legs and inner thigh muscles.

Prenatal yoga keeps your BLOOD PRESSURE, and BLOOD SUGAR under control. It improves blood circulation for baby's proper growth. Wide leg deadlifts are a total body exercise, with special focus on lower back, upper back and leg muscles. Strengthening these muscles will help take pressure off your spine as your baby grows.

  1. SQUATS: squats train your gluteal muscles, your abs and back muscles.

Yoga for 2nd trimester:- 

  1. Standing crunch: this crunch variation does not require you to lie on your back and prevents your head from moving below your heart.
  2. KEGELS: woman who practices kegels during pregnancy may have an easier delivery and may suffer from fewer bladder problems postpartum.

HOW TO:  sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. As you exhale, contract your pelvic floor muscles, then release.

Yoga for 3rd trimester:- 

  1. Biceps curls: Biceps curls are a safe and easy exercise to do in pregnancy plus you will need those muscles once your baby is born.
  2. Swimming: if you are in mood for some cardio, swimming is a great no impact exercise to do late in your pregnancy. The water allows you to move around freely, even with extra weight, and you won't risk harming your joints.

Prenatal yoga helps you to enjoy your pregnancy by staying fit and free from pregnancy associated symptoms and pregnancy associated diseases like pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction of baby .Yoga strengthens your muscles for easy normal vaginal birth and improves your control on perineal muscles to prevent incontinence, a very common problem post delivery.

Importance of exercising right during pregnancy

The benefits of exercise are manifold. A gentle workout routine relieves some of the aches and pains that are inevitable in pregnancy; helps prepare your body for labour by strengthening your muscles and building endurance, and makes getting your body back in shape after delivery much easier. Exercise also alleviates physical discomforts like legs cramps and constipation. Optimum exercise during the day can also help you sleep better- a big plus for women suffering from pregnancy related insomnia.

Safety first:- 

1. Prepare your body for labour, without putting you or the growing baby under stress and that means no lifting weights and avoiding activities that put you at risk of falling like cycling, running, tennis etc.

Make sure you also never exercise to the point of exhaustion. If you can't hold a conversation while exercising, it indicates you need to slow down.

2. Don't let your body overheat, which means you must skip the sauna and jacuzzi as well.

Besides wearing comfortable cloths, wear sports shoes with a good grip, as well as a fitted sports bra that will offer firm and gentle support.

3. Avoid dehydration. Drink two full glasses of water about two hours before you exercise and keep topping up your fluid intake every 10 minutes or so.

Yummy Mummy:-

In the days after she returns from the hospital with her new baby in tow, every new mom dreams of fitting back into her old jeans and this will not happen by just wishful thinking. A combination of breastfeeding, proper diet and exercise along with a positive mindset helps immensely.

To begin with it is not weight loss that is important, but “being fit” The focus should be on gentle stretching, mobility exercises, rest and good nutrition.

It is important to remember that any exercise is better than none at all and a slow start would give the necessary impetus to continue.

Exercises can begin as early as 6weeks from the date of delivery if it is a normal vaginal birth and 3 months if she delivers via a caesarean section.


Happy birthing


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