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October 13 2016 , Written by Ambika


Rice & Roti are the staple foods in most parts of our country,no Indian meal is complete without any of these. Diabetics need to be careful of their dietary choices. Rice and chapati can be eaten by diabetics in moderate quantity.

Rice & roti both have similar carbohydrate and caloric value, but they differ in their nutritional value because roti contains more fiber, proteins and minerals. Most commonly people use polished rice which looks white due to removal of fiber rich covering (bran & husk), with this process most of the micro-nutrients are lost. Brown rice is little high in fiber, which causes your body to digest slowly.

 Rice is easier to digest because of its starch content, whereas roti digests slowly. This promotes satiety and keeps you full for longer time, which is a big plus for diabetics in maintaining blood sugar.

The glycemic index (GI) is a comparative measure of a carbohydrate foods and their impact on blood sugars. A food with high GI raises blood sugar than foods with low or medium GI. The glycemic index of long grain white rice is around 73, the glycemic index of brown rice is about 68 and the glycemic index of whole wheat chapati is about 62, so whole wheat chapatiand brown rice are better choice than white rice for diabetics. People who are gluten intolerant can switch to brown rice.

To meet all the requirements instead of avoiding completely they can use brown rice atone meal and whole wheat roti at another meal.

For better results, consult your dietician to help chose the best staple food.

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