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Exercising During Pregnancy

May 22 2016 , Written by Ambika

Exercising During Pregnancy

Although you won’t look especially different in trimester 1, you’ll be feeling very different! During the first three months of pregnancy, the chances are you will feel pretty shattered. In addition to tiredness, you may feel sick and be suffering from heartburn, constipation and achy boobs.

Remember, doing some activity may help ease some of these early symptoms, so do your best to stick to your exercise plan. Exercise can actually give you more energy! You are not limited by your body shape in this first trimester, so try to continue exercising if you enjoy it. Try some outdoor or new activities to give your exercise plan a real boost.

Exercise during preganancy has all benefits . Possible benefits include:

- A shorter labour with less likelihood of complications – I had quite enjoyable pregnancies with no sick days from work, straightforward and short labours (both under 5 hours), vaginal deliveries and a very quick recovery – I was active within a couple of days!

- Less likely to suffer from nausea and morning sickness

- Improved Core Strength

- A stonger back and reduction in Back pain

- Better posture

- Stronger pelvic floors

- Better circulation, less likely to suffer from varicose veins, swelling and high blood pressure

- Stronger bones

- Avoid excessive weight gain and easier to get back into shape after the birth

- More energy and self confidence – lift your mood and feel great!

- Strengthen the muscles used in childbirth

- It will help you sleep

- Improved cardio-vascular fitness and muscle tone

- Lessen the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes. 


In next Post we would take  ... What exercise you may take in your 1st Trimester ... During my Pregnancy .. as my  mother adviced me and my Doctor prescribed me  few  Yoga assanas ... 



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