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Health and fitness

7 Ways to a Younger / Fitter you

May 14 2016 , Written by Ambika

7 Ways to a Younger / Fitter you

Going back in times is a quest for many people who simply refuse to age gracefully. The treatments available in form of Botox,wrinkle creams and other cosmetic products can hide the visible signs of ageing. But what about your inner self? Are there ways we can beat the clock for life and remain healthy and feel young forever.

One is too busy nowadays or generally lazy when it comes to exercise, but somehow one has to manage to look after wellness. Also, gym routines and personal coaches for yoga and functional training several time don't excite many people .As a result ,they fail miserably to keep up to that routine at times and tend to miss most of the sessions after a hectic schedule to keep up with their day to day life.

Rachna Sharma gives out tips for those who still want to be fit and healthy, collation of her experiences over a few years.

Identify and focus on where you want to focus at . Its not easy to just get to Madonna stage so easy. So , start one by one .

WALK / Brisk Walk / Run if you can any time during the day for 20 - 30 Minutes. Garden / Office Premises .anywhere you find time. That's not too much to ask for ?

Start from your face, most of us have problems with double chins and sagging skin - There are few exercises like tongue press that can help you to get rid of double chin. This exercise tightens the muscles in your chin and slowly makes the double chin disappear. Also rotate your neck atleast twice a day as neck’s muscles get loose due to lack of exercise. This leads to accumulation of fat in your chin area .This can be done every time you are travelling in cars or sitting alone in your office cabin - FIVE minutes everyday.

Focus on arms / shoulders - anytime in office / home, just dedicate ten minutes everyday for reflex muscles. Now that's easy.

Belly Fat - Deep breathing ,walking,Jogging and swimming works as good abdominal exercises to lose belly fat. You can do the basic pranayam exercises used frequently in yoga as well. You need to spend at least 10 to 20 minutes on this exercise every day,helps big time

Suryanamaskars - In the mornings when you wake up, just ten or twenty times each morning, Suryanamaskar is best for full body stretch This practice resolves stomach issues as well. If you are lazy, post work evenings will do too.

You don't have to do all of this together, find time throughout the day whenever you can.

When you go out, look for water than colas and coffees, make it a habit. If you can limit alcohol intake nothing like it. Replace that with green tea. Go low on Breads & Rice binge on vegetables, lentils and meat instead.

Different times, different exercises, don't take it as a routine These can be done anywhere ,anytime as they are not time consuming and one can Keep doing these simple exercises. There is no change that happens everyday but there is still a change that takes place. Few weeks you will be able to see that change.As years pass by, you will stay younger and healthier and with just so little effort.


About Rachna Sharma:

Rachna Sharma -Founder and Managing Director at The Rachna Sharma & Company :

A Life Strategist,Speaker and a Philanthropist


"Inspired by a vision and inner wisdom, I want to lead from my soul and create an aspiration for soulful leadership"

Rachna Sharma, the Founder and Managing Director of The Rachna Sharma & Company, is a Life Strategist, Speaker, Philanthropist & Author.

Stepping out of a meteoric career in the luxury hospitality industry, Rachna Sharma gained 14 years of invaluable corporate exposure, across brands like Taj Hotels, The Imperial Hotel, Hilton Worldwide and Lebua Hotels and Resorts. Despite being in the acme of success, Rachna knew that it was time to reflect on the next wave of life, which led her to the prestigious Harvard Business School to hone her leadership and reinvent life.

Post completion of her Programme in Leadership Development from Harvard, she came back to India to create impact in other lives by connecting leaders to their true purpose & strategize their lives for success through signature products called “Tatparyya" & “Life Strategy” & Leadership Matrix.

“Making the conscious commitment to empower yourself by directing your thoughts, energy & focus towards what you most want and the goals you need to achieve is the first step towards creating an extraordinary life.

Enjoying sustainable business success. Increasing income. Creating new goals. Finding purpose. Unleashing true potential. Creating more fulfilling relationships. Whatever your goal is you can learn the steps to achieve it”

Rachna Sharma turns self-development and professional achievement into a step-by-step process that will help one to identify what it is one really want, what’s preventing one from getting it, and how to break through any barriers to take action and create true transformation. And she does it all with total passion, power and playfulness that makes this personal development process not only engaging, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Rachna has also founded “Vision 2021 - One Million youth for peace” which is a platform for personal, social & economic development for youth to impact Low PEACE & HAPPINESS index of the country.

Rachna has also co authored “ Globalization & Voices from Indian practitioners” & authored “PeaceBook” available on amazon.

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