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Health and fitness

Health & Nutrition tips by Celebrity Fitness Expert Rujuta Diwekar

March 29 2016 , Written by Ambika Sukumar

Health & Nutrition tips by Celebrity Fitness Expert Rujuta Diwekar

Diet is the best thing that happened since sliced bread. A tall claim you might say but here is why. Rujuta has answered the trillion dollar question – How to loose weight and keep it off.


The answer according to her lies in the simplest things – eating locally sourced nutritious food, frequent meals and strength training. Her approach to health and nutrition is scientific and rooted in common sense. So in order to benefit from her advice one has to let go of preconceived notions – know that white rice, bananas, mangos and clarified butter (ghee) are not fattening but are super foods which will not only help you loose weight but also supply your body with dense nutrition.


Rujuta thru her many books has busted myths that surround weight loss, diet and exercise. She comments extensively on these myths – some which are so ingrained in our culture and psyche that we take it as the gospel truth. For example – walking every morning will cure all ailments, doing cardio on an empty stomach will burn more fat, eating carbohydrates will make you fat, dairy is not good for you, spot exercise is best to reduce inches, doing weights will make you bulky, running is bad for your knees, protein is bad for your kidneys etc. – None of it true!!


Last Sunday was the evening which the Delhi women will not forget, as they got to meet up and listen to astonishing food and nutrition tips from none other than the celebrity fitness expert & bestselling author - Rujuta Diwekar, who was in Delhi to launch her latest book- ‘The PCOD Thyroid Book’ on 27th March at DLF Place, Saket.


Celebrity Fitness Expert & Bestselling author Rujuta Diwekar, spoke at length around taking charge of one’s health and fitness rather than just blaming on the hormones. It was enlightening to hear that just by walking for 150 minutes a week; one can ensure that non communicative diseases are kept at bay: these are essentially lifestyle related health problems which increasingly Indians are succumbing to. Some other helpful tips which Rujuta shared were:


  • Any kind of packaged food is unhealthy and is a reason for weight gain, thus one should look at eating home cooked, simple and fresh food whenever possible
  • People who have a travelling job, should pay for their own food this way they would not over indulge and will be able to self-monitor the food that they would eat
  • Exercise and start doing more physical activity work, which would help to burn calories
  • Sitting is one of the biggest contributors for weight gain. She shared that increasingly Indians are hiring help for doing some of the basic household chores, this should be avoided and people should try to make a habit of doing some basic household chores themselves.
  • East food which our grandparents used to eat, rather than adopting western eating habits.


The evening saw over 100 people attending the launch and many women came up on the stage and asked questions around health, weight gain, pregnancy weight gain, etc. and Rujuta was quick in responding to each and every query and gave out tips at the same time.


Rujuta Diwekar has trained many Bollywood celebrities like Kareena & Saif, Varun Dhawan, Karishma Kapoor, Richa Chadha& many more.



About the Book:



Don’t blame it on the hormones.

As women, it has always been up to us to leave behind the heritage of health, just like your grandmother did for your mother and everyone in the family.

But it’s not easy to leave behind a legacy of health and harmony — we must first create that in our lives. That requires making time for ourselves, be it for exercise, to eat right, or simply to nap.

This book is about taking charge of ourselves, thanking our bodies and making peace with the fact that it’s not the hormones, it’s us. What can we do about our food, sleep, exercise and relationships that will make us feel good, help us overcome the conditions of PCOD and Hypothyroid, and most importantly get off drugs and stay off them for good



About the author


India’s best-loved fitness professional, Rujuta Diwekar, is the winner of the Best Trainer in India award and the Nutrition Award from the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. Her educational background in sports, science and nutrition, her understanding and practice of yoga and her more than 15 years of experience working with people from all walks of life has come together in this book.

In the plethora of diet fads and fears, Rujuta’s voice rings loud and clear, urging us to use our common sense and un-complicate the act of eating. With over a decade of experience working with people from all walks of life, including Kareena Kapoor, Anil Ambani, Preity Zinta, Karishma Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma, she has fine-tuned her methods to the real issues facing urban Indians.


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